White Truffle Oil

NT$ 250/55ml

This oil is made with first-pressed Italian olive oil and French Black truffle essence for an intense aroma. Its complex avour will inspire greatness in the kitchen. Just remember that when it comes to truffle oil, a little bit goes a long way. Many chefs use truffle oil in dishes studded with real truffles in order to infuse the flavour throughout the dish.

Size : NT$ 250/55ml ( NT$ 720/250ml )


Welcome to a new Level of taste.
With over 20 years of experience CEO Massimo Vidoni, AKA the True man opened Italtouch in 2012.

Italtouch specializes in sourcing the best truffles, truffle products, and specialty products available in Europe today. Our team of experienced staff is trained to find the best solution for each client and tailors each order to their needs. We take pride in delivering you quality, freshness, and authenticity.

醬料容量|Sauces Size

250ml, 55 ml

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