NT$ 185/100g

Morbier with a clean and pronounced flavor hides a creamy, semi-dry, semi-sticky paste under its rind. With itsAppellation d’Origine Protégée, it is most recognizable by its ashy streak.

Traditionally, the farmers prepared the cheese in two batches: they made a curd at the evening milking, which they molded and covered with a layer of ash and wood to protect it. After the next morning’s milking, they lay the milk from the second milking on top of it, resulting in the typical centerline that splits the morbier’s slice in half. Today it has little more than a decorative function, which does not change the aroma of Morbier.

Somm’s Selected Cheese! Imported cheese from the Alps, France.


Les Alpages by Bernard Mure-Ravaud

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