Malbec Day Celebration

On this exact day, it has become the crazy World Malbec Day for wine lovers around the world✨ ✨

▶ Is it only Malbec Wine?

No kidding!❗ No celebration stands if there’s no food~~

👨‍🍳James&👩‍🍳Jessica Private Kitchen:Argentinean BBQ 😍
▶ That’s it? It’s just ok…

OF COURSE, NOT❗ DJ🎧 Cola & Tango🕺 performer Fernando Waisberg bring you the whole Argentine!

What are you waiting for!! Represent Argentina celebration as it is, Let’s celebrate
#MalbecArgentino 🥳🥳

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【Wine Selection】


🥂Mendel Lunta Torrontes 2019
🥂Mendel Semillon 2019
🍷Mendel Lunta Malbec 2018
🍷Malbec Mendel 2017
🍷Mendel Unus 2017


【 J&J Private Kitchen Food Menu 】


Mixed Vegetable and Fruit Salad
Brown Rice Multigrain Bread
Plum Pickled Tomatoes
Pesto Mushrooms
Strawberry Cheese
Three-color Potato
Char-grilled Beef Short Ribs
Argentine Handmade Sausage
Char-grilled Vermicelli
Charcoal Grilled Chicken Drumsticks
Char-grilled Matsusaka Pork
Char-grilled Prawns
Char-grilled Rice Shoots
Char-grilled Eryngii Mushrooms
Char-grilled Zucchini


Date: 2021 April 17th (Sat.)
Time: 16:00pm~21:00pm
Venue: HAKU Taipei
Early bird: NT$ 2,500 ( before March 31th )
Regular Ticket: NT$ 2,800
Book Ur Ticket:

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